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Makings of The Ethereal Collection

Mystery, 24x36 in, $1,200


Ethereal is defined as extremely delicate, and light in a way that seems too perfect for this world.


I have always been in love with travel. As a child my father would take us on road trips all the time, stopping in rual towns at dusty diners or big cities and big attractions. As I grew up I traveled less and less until I went out of the country for the first time and explored Greece. From there I knew that my passion for travel was reignited.

I recently took a road trip from Los Angeles back home to Dallas. The trip was 20 hours so I had plenty of time to think! What I noticed was how beautiful all of the scenery was, especially the mountains. I thought about how the mountains had such a presence even though they were silent. I can correlate that to women too. We have something so special about us, our presence is felt when we enter a room. We are powerful.

In this collection I used pieces of post cards to correlate to travel. The abstract pieces are about how the African American history has been erased. We don’t know where we come from, or where our ancestors traveled to. This is my first time using mixed media and it was so fun to do! I also used the mountains I referenced earlier in one of my pieces. I used colors that were sponsored by Plaid Crafts. I exclusively use their products in every painting and they sent me a huge box of paint! I purchase their products at Walmart and some of the paint colors they sent were shades I haven’t seen before. I also get most of my inspiration from Pinterest and I created a board of color palettes. I wanted to see how the colors would come together and I love the way everything turned out.

The Traveler’s Journey, 24x30 in, $1,000

Blue is such a soothing color! This piece has such a calming effect.

I was asked before why I choose to use purple in a lot of my pieces. I never really thought about it but it is my mom’s favorite color. Maybe subconsciously I am using it because of her.

Stoic, 24x30 in $1000

I have a feeling this collection is not complete, I had such a good time working on it. So stay tuned for more!

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