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I paint in exchange for freedom

Artist Bio

Stacie Monday is a self taught artist from Tulsa, OK. She began painting in 2014 and her primary medium is acrylics. The purpose of her work is to celebrate African American women and to be an activist in her community. Her work includes her individual struggles, experiences, and lessons learned as a Black woman in America. Monday focuses on promoting positive narratives of Black women and paints to change the negative views and stereotypes that they face through storytelling and advocating equitable representation in visual culture.


Monday has exhibited her work in many art shows across the country. In 2018 she won 3rd place in acrylic art in the Lenora Rolla Black History Month show. Monday was also a participating artist for the Affirmations art show located at the South Dallas Cultural Center, and had a residency and solo show at Sunset Art Studios. She completed two murals, one at the Bath House Cultural Center in Dallas and the other at Mag and May luxury apartments in Fort Worth, TX. Monday's work was on display at the African American Museum of Dallas.



Artist Statement

My artwork challenges the political and cultural issues within the African American community. I work to deconstruct the negative stereotypes of Black women that are thrown at us daily.I address the vulnerable fragments of our femininity that are often ignored. My work is meant to cause the viewer to stop and engage in conversations relating to social constructs within our society. I struggle with expressing my thoughts and experiences in other ways, therefore, I paint in exchange for freedom.






Please send an email for all inquiries including purchasing originals, murals, and projects to

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