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Stacie Monday

     Stacie Monday is an artist that is known for her passion for bold, vibrant colors. Born and raised in Oklahoma but currently based in Dallas, she draws from personal experiences to tell her story on canvas. There is deep emotion connected to each piece and she truly puts a piece of her heart into each and every painting. She works mainly with acrylics, and her works include the celebration of African American women, activism, abstract art, and murals.

     Stacie Monday's current artist statement is "I paint in exchange for freedom." Art is a way to express herself and to call to attention the painful parts of our society that many would rather ignore. 

    Follow Stacie on her journey as an artist as she attends art shows across the U.S. hoping to inspire and uplift everyone she meets.


L. Kuehmichel

Your use of color and shading is breathtaking!

Q. Mcdonald

Her art reaches my soul and heals it a little, because loving her work helps me love things about myself.

R. King

The creativity is refreshing and powerful!!! It shows the depth of humanity through amazing eyes. I could easily fill my home with pride knowing and feeling the love that has been given in every piece. Love it!